Thursday, 24 March 2016

West Ham boost capacity

West Ham United have decided to boost capacity at the Olympic Stadium from 54,000 to 60,000, such has been the demand for season tickets: West Ham

Could some of these new season ticket holders be disgruntled Charlton supporters, given the good communications into Kent?

It is understood, however, that the club has a secret plan to counter West Ham which will be revealed in a week or so.

A judgment is awaited on the appeal by the London Legacy Development Corporation against the decision by the Information Commissioner to require it to reveal the terms of its deal on the stadium with West Ham: Appeal decision


Matthew Brunt said...

Doesn't say much for the type of 'fan' you attract if you're worried Charlton 'supporters' are buying season tickets at West Ham!!

GlynA said...

Anecdotal evidence only but I do know a couple of under 18 ST holders who are switching to watch the hammers next year, the price for Premiership football is very good and we have been served up some dross at the Valley this year. They are Charlton fans but you have to wonder for how long that will last.

Chris Parker said...

I am not a Hammers fan but I will take the opportunity to go and watch them next year because I will be using the money I save on not renewing my season ticket to experience new things. I will see CAFC selectively too.

Whilst many praise the Board about season ticket prices, they have put themselves into commercial cul de sac. They are confusing price with value. I would watch a spirited CAFC League 1 winning side and pay more than watch "better players" who are not as committed.

The highlight this season has been our comeback against Fulham - inspired by "Charlton" players. I have not left the ground with any greater feeling of pride, hope and excitement since.