Thursday, 31 March 2016

Has Pardew been rumbled?

Unhappiness is growing among Crystal Palace fans who feel that their club is losing respect, but despite the absence of any Plan B, they seem unwilling to point the finger of blame at Pardew, other than asking him to change things around. Palace angst

This is, of course, the manager of whom one Match of the Day commentator said recently: 'He can't manage a 1-0 lead.' At least we are not hearing anything more about Pardew as the next England manager. Accounts of his career usually miss out his time at Charlton.

Despite their slump, Palace are unlikely to be relegated, whereas we are near certainties. And the Glaziers have proper people running the club.


ExpatCyp said...

I can remember Alan Pardew as a player with Dulwich Hamlet.Throughout his career he was a decent hard working footballer.
As for his impending demise at CP all managers have a "shelf life" and a "sell by date" Failure is well rewarded and he will be further enriched when he leaves his post.

BigPete said...

I have never rated him as a manger and probably never will

From my point of view his only two achievements are taking a decent west ham squad down and taking us down.

he did nothing special at newcastle and has shown he is doing nothing special at palace.

Looks like he might be following another ex manager to the sales profession, as i can't see him making it as a pundit.

ExpatCyp said...

Dont see him as a double glazing salesman.He failed as a pundit when on TV he fatally said in reference to a foul that one player "raped" another.Totally politically incorrect and offensive. He could always apply to Barclays for a job as a Banker though.

Jonathan Acworth said...

I have a funny story to tell u on this prick! when Pardew was bossing Newcastle he played Liverpool ,now I do stuff for my work for standard chartered bank who are the main sponsers of Liverpool.the Monday of that week he was to play that match for Newcastle at Liverpool he walked past me smug at London wall ,now ive seen him a few times up town as he has family near London bridge.Anyway he was wearing his black jacket carrying a man bag leather so he walked past me all smug I got so wound up I nearly hit the prick I m not one for normally doing this! I counted to 3 as he walked past as he got to the lights at London wall I shouted at the top of my voice "Pardew you are a cxxt" he looked around at me amazed and I stuck two fingers at him as he looked around ,unknown to me at the time a Newcastle fan in his black and white kit was walking directly behind me he tapped me on my shoulder and said well done mate I hate the cxxt as well being a Geordie"

behind Enemy Lines said...

Lets be a little fairer. Mr Pardew nearly saved Charlton from relegation and had he been at the helm from the start of season 2006-07 probably would have. He did save Crystal Palace from the same fate by a country mile last season. He is a better manager in the English game than any of the Belgium imports we have been subjected to over the last couple of years. Look at Newcastle since he left! Yes things did go sour in the end at Charlton, but let's keep things in perspective over all when analysing an individuals performance.

Behind Enemy Lines

Wyn Grant said...

My problem with Pardew was not so much the relegation where he inherited a situation that was difficult to retrieve but the failure to win promotion. We were in the play offs for much of the season as I recall, but then he decided to change things around to get an automatic promotion place and we finished 11th.