Friday 14 December 2007

Deano has broken toe

Deano in his younger days with Charlton. Photo credit: Roland Silcox

The Addickted will be deprived of the chance to see Dean Kiely in action at The Hawthorns tomorrow as the shot stopper has a broken toe. Manager Tony Mowbray has challenged 23-year old Luke Steele to make the place his own, although it is thought that he will be looking for a new keeper in the transfer window which means the beginning of the end of Deano's long career. More here: Deano

At right back Belgian international Carl Hoefkens is highly doubtful because of a hamstring problem and has also being crying into his Stella over the long drawn out political crisis in his home country. Stefan Martis and Jared Hodgkiss are battling it out for the right back slot. Martis is thought to have performed well against Leicester, but he is not a natural right back.

Striker and Scottish international Craig Beattie has become a target for the section of the crowd and was even booed at a reserve game. So things are a bit prickly at The Hawthorns.

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Anonymous said...

Deano the 'shop stopper', shurely some mistake?
It will be a shame not to see him, but at least it is one first choice they won't have. I think with 2 or 3 defenders missing we could be well beaten.