Thursday 13 December 2007

Hooch to cover Baggies match

These days he largely confines his duties to mentoring his Belgian cousin
Ivy the Terrible. Indeed, this week Hooch has been staying with Ivy in Leamington as he finds the country air at his canalside home in Long Itchington too damp and cold for his joints. However, there is life in the old dog yet and senior match analyst Hooch the Pooch has decided that he must take responsibility for this Saturday's match against the Baggies.

'It will be a tough test for Alan Pardew and the lads,' said Hooch. 'We have a lot of problems with injuries and suspensions, but then so have West Brom. They have a formidable home record, but our away record is good. It should be a match that gets me barking.'

Should Charlton win the match, the Man of the Match will be awarded a special Golden Bone.

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