Monday 17 December 2007

Remembering the 7-6 victory

We are just a few days away from the 50th anniversary of Charlton's 7-6 victory over Huddersfield. I've got the commemorative sweatshirt but I have to confess I was Christmas shopping in Woolwich that day.

The Times has done a very full and evocative report on the day, accompanied by a photograph that shows a thinly populated stand. Among the new angles are the fact that Bill Shankly was mouthing off the Addicks as a 'poor team' and how large a part the muddy conditions played in the final outcome.

Read the full report here: 7-6

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Anonymous said...

My brother and I were at the game-
although in truth I can recall little of the match-apart from the scoreline! We were only kids at the time. I was a regular at the Valley until for pd10 I sailed for
Queensland in 1965 where I have lived since. Enjoy your blog Wyn
David Bolton