Wednesday 29 December 2010

Flying high in Brighton

Our special correspondent in Brighton, Viktor Afans'ev, has joined Seagulls fans inn a helicopter trip to see their new stadium: Flight

He reports: 'For less a hundred dollars, I was able to take a trip along the coast to view their new stadium. I joined the helicopter at the Shoreham aerodrome. With its art deco style, this was reminiscent of our metro in Moscow.'

He continued, 'The new stadium is very impressive from the air, although on a small scale compared with the stadia we are constructing in Russia for the World Cup. But I think there is a contradiction in its name.'

'It is called the American Express Community Stadium. American Express is a well-known international brand: many of us in Russia, including myself, have the American Express card. But to me it does not convey the idea of community.'

'If The Valley was to be re-named under new owners, it should not be named after a company, but perhaps after an inspirational leader who has already made an impact on world football. The name I have in mind is Vladimir Putin, but an alternative recalling war time co-operation between our two countries would be Josef Stalin.'


Anonymous said...

You don't happen to know anything else about a Russian connection:-)

Wyn Grant said...

I've heard the rumours as most people have. This train of thought was really started by spending the last couple of days reading a manuscript for a publisher on the breakdown of the former Soviet Union. It occurred to me that there might be worse outcomes than Dennis Wise.