Sunday 26 December 2010

Richardson fit for Saints game

Former Addick Frazer Richardson has recovered his fitness for today's game at The Valley and will no doubt prove a threat down the right as he did for us. Both managers seem worried about the game and Saints fans don't seem to be too positive either: Saints

Many Saints fans say that they are not match fit for the game and that could apply some Addicks as well. This could be the last game at The Valley under the Murray regime. Unfortunately, I can't make it. Soph collected us for Christmas lunch rather than having me take the risk of getting the car up the long icy slope from our garage block and possibly leading to an an encounter with the brick wall that lines it.

Philippa Nicholson hopes to make it from Kent to provide the coverage for the game. She will be wearing a new coat in Addicks red and white boots.

No Charlton content, but I went to bed early last night so I could listen to the Test coverage this morning (Sky TV is banned by Warwick District Council). I was amazed to hear that Australia were all out for 98 and delighted when we secured a good lead at the end of the day without loss.

I have been to the MCG to see a Rules game and it is an amazing stadium. (Charlton, Victoria is elsewhere in the state: Charlton ) But apparently by the end of the game it looked like The Valley in terms of empty seats at the Walsall game.

I wish Geoff Boycott would disappear. However good the England performance he manages to find some negatives.

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