Friday 10 December 2010

Luton reflections

I was only able to listen on line, although I have read Paul May's report. Fortunately, we were spared Emma so perhaps some of the complaints have had an effect. We also had Steve Brown as summariser. His praise for the Hatters in the first half was unstinting, but he also shrewdly said after the break that Waggie's equaliser was crucial and we would now go on to win.

Steve also said (and he probably still has good contacts inside the club) that if the Peter Varney-led takeover did not go ahead, the club would have to go into administration. That would mean a 10 point deduction and the effective end of our promotion hopes.

No doubt we shall hear plenty of complaints about how poor Charlton were. I don't mind how poor we are as long as we win.

I also think that Phil 'must go' Parkinson actually had a strategy which he executed. Luton are an all out attacking side and they then leave themselves exposed at the back. In the first half we tried to absorb their pressure. Admittedly, the midfield was not linking up well with either attack or defence, but that was rectified at the break. Our equaliser came because the Hatters had too many players committed in attack.

The money from the Spurs game will be very welcome. I am sure we are going to lose 3-0 or 4-1. Some Premiership clubs might put out a weakened side against us, but I think that 'Arry won't take many risks.


Anonymous said...

'arry has a good record in the cup, and with the squad they have they may not be too worried about being in too many competitions. That said he will want to use that squad against opposition like us, I expect to see him rest Van Der Vaart, Modric and possibly Gallas and Bale at the least. They'll still have more than enough to meet your predicted score line mind.

aitchyaddict said...

I watched it on ESPN and we were poor in the first half, but the equaliser near ht was a killer for Luton-Steve Brown was right. The worst part was having Ian Dowie as a summariser.

Wyn Grant said...

It's a cruel and unusual punishment having to listen to Dowie. It is also a disturbing sight. Steve Brown knows far more about how the game is played.

WattO said...

Never did the cliché "a game of two halves" ring more true, the second making up for our dire first half performance. My son got hold of a vuvuzela which he produced a good sound from - thank god those thousands of pounds spent on trumpet tuition didn't go to waste, and it livened us up on cold night!