Monday 24 December 2012

Morts backs Sir Chris

With Chris Powell's future at Charlton cast into doubt, Paul Mortimer has given the Addicks supremo a ringing endorsement in Pravda. Chris Powell will complete his century of games with Charlton on Boxing Day: let's hope it's not a hundred and out.

Morts warns that the South Londoners could face a fight in the future to keep the 43-year-old, one of the brightest young bosses in the game. 'He has done a fantastic job and Charlton's problem will be holding onto him,' said Mortimer, who played alongside the Valley manager when the club were in the top flight.

'It is great to see a young boss being given a chance, there are so many underneath. Chris is leading the way - and long may that continue. He has been nothing short of brilliant. It has been an incredibly successful period of time.'

'Charlton were fifth when he took over and they finished 13th that season - managers have lost their jobs for less than that. So the board have got what they deserved for backing him. That gave him confidence. He is a very good manager, no doubt, and things have gone from strength to strength.'

'The side had a sticky start in the Championship but he sprinkled some magic dust - he pulls people together and they play for him. He represented England, making his debut in his thirties, and there is very little he hasn't done. Players respect him straight off the bat.'

'Powelly is hard but he's fair. Honest and straightforward - you want to play for a person like that because they don't come along very often.'


john said...

Since when has Chris Powells future been in doubt.

Wyn Grant said...

For some time, but concerns have increased in the last few days. I hope that he survives into 2013.

Anonymous said...

That is complete Nonsense, your
Blog seems to be the only one raising questions of CP's potential sacking.
Not for the first time either. In fact before the unbeaten run you stated this 'possibility'
Reveal your sources or shut-up!
Chris Powell deserves better.

Wyn Grant said...

I very much hope it is complete nonsense as I want Chris Powell to stay. However, there is good reason to believe that decision-makers in the club have been dissatisfied with him for some time.