Thursday 21 April 2016

Getting away from it all

Hell Bay, Bryher, Isles of Scilly: with Radio Scilly changing hands, I needed to touch base with the new team and secure my position as mainland football correspondent. I also liked the idea of being somewhere remote when relegation was finally confirmed at Bolton. I just felt hollow when I heard the news.

I had only been on St. Marys a few hours when I heard someone shout out in a lowland Scots account, 'It's Wyn, isn't it?' It was the local Hibernian supporter (there's always one) wanting to know what was happening at Charlton.

I explained and in return had to listen to his account of the woes of Hibernian and his extensive grievances against Rangers (as far as the Jam Tarts were concerned, he was merely dismissive.

I know that there has been speculation about takeovers at Charlton, including from the United States. However, I would urge caution. Interest is one thing, but it needs to be translated into a bid. Roland needs to respond and there is the tricky issue of the loans to his company.

Troubled times, but the spirit of the fans is strong.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt reacts to Katrien Miere's statement here: No glad confident morning

Roland is reported to have made a rare visit to SE7 today for 'crunch talks' with José Riga and Katrien. Probably it will be a case of giving José a Eurostar ticket and telling Katrien, 'Carry on with the good work.'

Apparently the gates have been padlocked and security guards are in place at The Valley in case any dissatisfied customers turn up.

Rick Everitt has tweeted that Roland is likely to meet Paul Elliott which is progress of a kind.

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