Tuesday 28 June 2016

Charlton player's part in England's downfall

Johann Berg Gudmundsson played his part in England's largely self-inflicted defeat against Iceland tonight. He won't be a Charlton player for much longer, but was referred to as such by the commentary. Certainly few Charlton internationals have taken part in such a sensational victory.

Iceland have just a semi-professional league, albeit one with a high standard from the one match I watched. Football cannot be played outside for at least six months of the year, so there has been a big investment in indoor training facilities, in particular to bring on the younger generation.

They know how to celebrate in Iceland

The Icelandic commentator sounded hysterical at the end of the match, but understandably so. And self-styled No.1 Iceland Addick and one time Voice of the Valley contributor Olfaur Johansson will be celebrating in style. His naïve adventures as a supporter of Charlton while he was working in London caused some amusement, but he has had the last laugh. The best team on the night won.

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