Sunday 5 June 2016

In town tonight

It is being reported that Russell Slade has cut short his holiday and returned to London. It is also being claimed that he will be named as Charlton manager in the next 48 hours.

Career details here: Russell Slade

There have been no reports of fans celebrating around SE7. The appointment is conditioned by the fact that it is accompanied by a continuation of the regime. What the fan reaction would be in other circumstances is an open question.

The official site has now confirmed Slade's appointment on a three year deal: Appointed

Slade will be giving a press conference at 11 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday). Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire will be present.


Boneyboy said...

I can report on the streets of Charlton the atmosphere remains calm. Crowds of excited customers haven't yet started gathering at the Valley to celebrate, but its a warm evening and who knows what might happen overnight.

If Slade is appointed it will be one of the better (or least bad) decisions that gthe regime have made. But it will take a lot more evidence of fundamental change by the regime to tempt me back.

bigbycycleboy said...

I think given where we are as a Club now it could be a very good appointment,but the big question is autonomy and how much he will get,the problem I will have is watching games we win knowing that the regime will be getting satisfaction out of telling themselves they were right when we know what a disaster they have been on all fronts.

Peter Winny said...

I agree bigbycycleboy, but we can't go on complaining about the Belgians if they finally start listening to the fans, as they seem to have done with a British Manager as opposed to a foreign Head Coach. I'm prepared to give them a bit of slack for a while & get behind the Manager & the team (whoever that might be!). Might even renew my season ticket...