Wednesday 8 June 2016

Slade to cull 'bloated' squad

New Charlton manager Russell Slade is determined to cull a 'bloated' squad: Streamlined squad

Having a large squad last year did us no favours. We want quality not quantity, battlers not half hearted commitment. I confidently predict that there will be no rending of shirts if Naby Sarr or Cristian Cabellos depart. The challenge will be to find someone to take them.

Burnley have made an offer for Nick Pope, but Charlton want to hold on to him. I hope they do.

As far as I can work out, customer reaction to Slade has been broadly favourable. Fans have been asking for some time for an English manager with relevant experience for some time and now they have one.

He is solid rather than spectacular, but we have to recognise the pool we are fishing in. Mourinho would have responded with one of his famous Portuguese phrases if approached.

The counter argument is that the regime won't let him manage and he will be out by Christmas. We'll have to wait and see, but for now he has my backing. I am not excited, but I am reassured (although not about the continued presence of the chief executive).


mike1947 said...

I like what I've heard so far and a smaller squad would please Roland.

Anonymous said...

This post gives the lie to the previous one about Richard Murray pointing to the injury list. If we had a bloated squad how come we couldn't cover for those out injured?!
The problem was the quality of the cover recruited, which goes straight to the heart of why this regime failed.
Doesn't Murray remember Curbs saying it's no use moaning about injuries, and we've just got to get on with it? We had some pretty bad injury crises under Curbishley and only once, with Jorge Costa, did Curbs go to the board and ask them to dip into their pockets lest we be relegated.