Wednesday 20 November 2019

Driessen has veto on players

Steve Gallen has confirmed that Thomas Driessen has a veto on incoming players: CAS Trust answers

Gallen said, 'If I want a player and Thomas doesn't believe in that player, I won't get that player. I learned that early on. That was frustrating for me and Lee but we’re in a much better place now. Thomas works directly for Roland. He doesn't work for Charlton.'

On Lee Bowyer, Gallen said: 'Lee's contract is up in the summer and he needs to be given a longer contract. He needs to be given some type of stability. We're desperate for it. Lee really wants that.'

'Roland is aware of this and he is no fool. But he feels that potential buyers might stall if they want to bring in their own people and see that it will cost them a lot to get the current team out. But I agree with the fans that Lee must be given a longer contract. We need to stop planning window to window and start thinking longer term. Being a Director has helped me as an influencer within the club and I think Roland is beginning to trust me on a lot of things.'

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