Friday 29 May 2020

Gallen fires the starting gun

West Midlands news sources are carrying a report attributed to Steve Gallen, Charlton's director of football.   

I have translated this from Brummie.  Having spoken to the league, he expects the Championship to return in the same time frame as the Premier League, i.e., about four weeks from now.

Gallen commented: 'It looks like it’s going to be four weeks of training.   You would normally do five or six weeks in pre-season. Three weeks did seem a little bit too tight, especially with the first week being non-contact.'

' I think everyone agrees we can manage alright on four weeks.  First week: non-contact. Second week: we’ll go back to contact. Third week: you’ll do more tactical stuff.  And the fourth week: preparing for matches as well as physical training, like you’d normally do during the season.'

Although the source is usually reliable, I didn't find it credible that the Addicks are considering friendlies against Premier League teams before the season starts again.

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