Wednesday 27 May 2020

Jenkins uncertain about Charlton bid

In an in depth interview with Wales Online, former Swansea City (Dinas Abertawe) chairman Huw Jenkins discusses his involvement in football and his interest in Charlton:

Jenkins is tentative about the Charlton deal and says it needs more consideration.   With wage payments due in a few days, the cash strapped club is edging closer towards administration - which would make it more attractive to some purchasers.

Jenkins sees it as a club with real potential.  'I have been looking generally for a while to find the right opportunity and over last few weeks I was put in touch with a representative of the Charlton owners. They are looking to move out quickly, for someone to take it on and change their fortunes around.'

'Good academy over the years, decent players, passionate fans. It's ripe for someone to come in and run the club well.  There are problems to overcome, but I still felt I could turn the football club around, get the supporters on board.

"The only thing that made me a little bit cautious is knowing what the EFL are doing.'   For example, will supporters be let back in next season?   That would make a big difference financially.

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