Monday 25 May 2020

It's a done deal says Bassini

According to the authoritative Richard Cawley of the SLP, 'Laurence Bassini says that he has agreed a deal to buy Charlton. He says he is not involved with Huw Jenkins. "I've made an offer, it's been accepted - the lawyers are dealing with it."'

I must say that I would have difficulty in actively supporting a club run by Bassini.

An element of caution is necessary about the claim he has made in a fast moving and far from transparent situation.   Richard Cawley has commented, 'I wouldn’t be surprised if parties being played off against each other. Would not be shocked if multiple offers had been accepted.'

This blog post argues that ownership by Bassini would be the third episode in a horror movie for Charlton and that doesn't include the so-called 'spivs' (entrepreneurs of the highest probity and integrity - ed)

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