Monday 22 February 2021

Hodgson believes the myth about why Curbs left

Under pressure Glaziers manager Roy Hodgson thinks that Charlton is a good example of why one should stick with a manager:

Something of a myth has grown up around the departure of Curbs.   He went because he wanted to go.  As he has said on Valley Pass recently, he got frustrated by the way in which Charlton faded in the latter part of the season.  He is still searching for an explanation and thinks that possibly the squad was trained too hard pre-season.

As always, there were a few moaners who wanted Curbishley replaced by someone who would 'take us to the next level'.  They were a small minority, although it is possible one of the may have got on 606.

Even the Bloke Behind Me who was always shouting 'Sort it out Curbishley!' might be prepared to sign the petition to have a stand named after him:

The latest VOTV includes an interesting interview with Garry Nelson.   You can order a copy online and it will be delivered by first class mail in a discreet plain envelope for you to enjoy in the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home.

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