Tuesday 13 July 2021

Charge to watch training session unpopular


CAST have stated that ‘We're disappointed that Charlton intend to charge ST holders and VG members for access to open training session on 30/7. It seems out of kilter with rewarding loyalty to the club. We have written to the club to express the hope that all fans can attend on a more equal basis.’

‘We fully support the club building its revenue streams. The amount and variety of responses already on this issue highlight the sensitivities of loyalty and fairness among fans.’

Another issue has been charges for using the Valley Express coach service.  The Rickshaw was originally devised as a loss leader to boost support.

Commercial acumen is important, but it needs to be balanced against fan loyalty.   However, some fans have argued that the training session is a justified perk for joining the membership scheme which the club is trying to boost.   Season tickets get you admission to league games and that should be enough.

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