Saturday, 21 March 2009

Deano's Son Shines in 7-1 romp

Leamington beat Woodford United 7-1 at the New Windmill Ground today, including a hat trick from Mark Bellingham, but in many ways the hero of the hour was Dean Kiely's son, Chris, brought in on loan from Gillingham to stop the Brakes leaking goals. The crowd of 615 saw Kiely make a series of brilliant saves which looked impossible until he achieved them. Unfortunately, he did not keep a clean sheet after a mix up in the Brakes defence allowed the Byfield Road side to score a consolation.

Woodford are managed by former Leamington player and coach Darran Tank and are in many respects a team of Leamington rejects, as the crowd was not slow to point out in some friendly banter. Six of the squad of seventeen had at one time played for the Brakes.

But any knowledge they had of the Leamington team was of no avail when Jai Stanley opening the scoring on 9 minutes from near the halfway line with an El Karkouri style free kick from near the halfway line, admittedly helped to its destination by the swirling wind. James Husband then made it 2-0 with a great move and that was the half time score.

Playing down the slope, the visitors got into the game more in the second half in a rather scrappy phase of the game with a lot of action in midfield. The ball sometimes went so high that were planes still flying from Coventry Airport they would have been endangered.

A flowing move on 64 minutes that allowed Mykel Beckley to score put the outcome beyond doubt. Then Josh Blake, who has been at the New Windmill since the club was re-formed, came on as a substitute. Some brilliant play by the highly skilled Marcus Jackson set up the postman who was able to make his delivery with a superb bicycle kick.

Woodford pulled one back, but this only re-energised the Brakes who made it 5-1 through Bellingham. A penalty then saw former Brake Aaron Parkinson sent off for a second yellow and P.C. Bellingham banged the ball to rights from the spot. On 90 minutes he made it 7-1 as Brakes acclerated towards the title.

For a 10 minute journey it had to be better value than the 0-0 draw at The Valley. Pictures here: Brakes


Anonymous said...

Why does our bankrupt club continue to pay the wages of a loan right back when we have a suitable replacement who we are contracted to pay.Personal vendettas should not get in the way of commercial decisions

Wyn Grant said...

The club's answer would presumably be that it's based on an assessment of performance in training rather than a personal vendetta by Parkinson and Kinsella. The club isn't bankrupt and loan deals do not often involve payment of the full or any salary - otherwise Leamington could not afford to bring Kiely in from the Gills.