Sunday, 29 March 2009

Matt mourns Charlton's fall

Matt Holland has expressed his regrets to Sky about Charlton's demise and you know with him that it is not crocodile tears. He is showing his age a bit, and he has been asked to serve the cause in positions that are not his own, but no one can doubt his real commitment: Holland

I do wish the likes of Sky would not refer to us as a South London club. We may be going down, but we're not going back to Selhurst Park.


colin in Thailand said...

What you said about being called a south London club seems to have sailed straight over my head.
Are we not a S. London club then, or am I missing the point here with the reference to selhurst .

Ketts said...

I seem to have missed the drift on this one as well Wyn.

One of the Covered End's proudest chants is/was 'Number One In South London'.

Are you saying they should refrain from the chant if & when we ever regain that exalted status?

I still have a scarf,bought from the club shop,bearing the legend 'Pride Of South London'.

Is it the omission of the word 'East' that concerns you?

Daggs said...

I think what he means is; we are a West Kent club. :)

marco said...

Didn't 'Northern Pete' blot his copy book when he announced "it's East against West London!" when we played QPR?

John walker said...

It is sad to see our demise, Wyn but as you have supported the addicks for about as long as me we have been down that route a few times. We have in the past risen from the ashes so we will rise again. The old Jim Davidson phrophesy of Charlton Nil is starting to ring true.

Anonymous said...

South-east London, surely. A very different place from south London, and harder to fit in a slogan.

Wyn Grant said...

I was thinking about South-East London which is very different in my view from amorphous South London. The old accent around Woolwich was quite distinctive because it had a rural Kent underlay - I could always identify people who came from the area (but that has now gone). I think we are entitled to call ourselves 'Pride of South London' in that we out rank all clubs south of the river - or at least have done and will do so again.