Friday, 13 March 2009

Tassie Tiger joins hiss team

Good day. I'm Towzer from Tassie. I'm sitting on my deck overlooking the Harbour where the wind is ruffling my fur [nothing new there then].

Some of the refereeing this season has been appalling. If our fate wasn't effectively sealed, I would feel much more aggrieved about the decision at Reading which gave a penalty against us for a fair challenge and then denied us one at the other end.

Having watched League 1 matches in the past, I can assure readers that the standard of referees and linos is even worse there than in the Championship. A mobile clinic from Specsavers is often needed. Balding and ageing linos who have broken their bottle of hair restorer in the cramped dressing room are a menace. But the worst problem is the referee who thinks he will make his reputation by enforcing every rule to the letter. I recall one match with a whistle happy RAF officer who was clearly used to being obeyed without question (however much muttering there was in the ranks). Consequently, the match proceeded for much of the time in bursts of twenty or thirty seconds.

As part of our preparations for League 1 blogging, we felt that our Hiss of the Match team needed strengthening. We are pleased to welcome the first Australian cat to work for a Charlton website, Towzer from Hobart, Tasmania. Towzer is a no nonsense cat who will thrive in the physically competitive atmosphere of League 1. His hobby is fighting possums and he once came home with a possum claw in his head.

League 1? No worries, says Towzer.

We have a preview of today's Sub-Standard forecast: 'WOLVES ENJOY FISH SUPPER'

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The Old Coulsdon Addick said...

A worthy replacement for Suki ("She's big, she's brown, she's been to every ground" - favourite player The Vinh Nguyen). Suki has long since passed to that great canine match analyst disciplinary hearing in the sky. The cats were long overdue some strengthening!