Sunday, 1 March 2009

The task from here

The next four matches will probably determine whether the Addicks have any chance of escaping relegation. At one time Doncaster looked doomed for the drop and a quick return to League 1 - not such a bad place to be considering that they were a Conference side not so long ago.

But Doncaster have staged a recovery and they are now a respectable mid-table side just behind Palace. They have also won five games away. Nevertheless, I think that we will do the double over Donny.

Watford are a strangely inconsistent side, but they have only won two games away. There is a greater risk of this match being a draw, but hopefully we will manage to get all three points.

We then have to face Reading and Wolves away, what Curbs used to call bonus points. But now we need points from these games badly. Given the way that the top sides keep faltering, it's not impossible.

The Northamptons of this world are set up for League 1. They have stadiums of the right size (Sickfields is, I think, rented from the council). No doubt they tell their fans that they aspire to Championship status, but really the set up is designed to stay in League 1.

We have high fixed stadium costs and the example of Leeds shows how difficult it is to get out of League 1. And apparently the sharks are already circling some of our better players.


Kappacino Kid said...

We have better players?

Anonymous said...

We can beat Donny and Watford aslong as Ambrose doesn't feature
He's always the best finisher in training
and so is my alastian............