Saturday, 21 March 2009

Preston on red alert

Preston North End have been placed on a 'red alert' for their visit to The Valley today. I am not quite sure whether that is meant to be a poor pun on our colours ot to indicate that the Invincibles are in a state of nearly military prepardness after their three days of R & R.

Manager Alan Irvine, who will be accompanied by his translator, saw the Addicks play at Molineux and thought they did really well so does not think it will be a case of turning up to collect three points at the gate: Red Alert

I am somewhat baffled by the news in the E mail bulletin that Thierry Racon has been called up for the Guadeloupe national side. Before he becomes a rare contemporary addition to the honours board in The Valley reception hall, it should be pointed out that Guadeloupe is a French overseas department and hence part of metropolitan France. It is not a colony, as stated in the E-mail Bulletin, but is entitled to vote in French elections. Hence, I do not see it can have a national side any more than the Isles of Scilly team is a national side, notwithstanding its recent triumphant tour of Cornwall and the fact that it has been trained by David Beckham and Steven Gerrard.

If you are going to the match today and buy a programme, it will include a free poster of Zheng Zhi to add to your 'what might have been' collection. You might also been incentivised to take the free trial on Cafc TV where you can have the thrill of hearing Andy Gray talking about his injury problems or Phil Parkinson talking about why we have not signed a trialist from Cameroon. Probably he wanted the minimum wage and we couldn't afford it.

A decision has to be made after today's match about whether to retain Soares on loan, but I don't really see a lot of point. We need to give match experience to players who might be available next year.

Enjoy the game!


Anonymous said...

well said wyn, we must pepare for next season now, the board and manager know who will get dropped or sold (given away) due to wage demands. These remaining games should be seen as pre season training, even if we do take on a few new lads, we must start thinking beyond the end of our noses.

Anonymous said...

Could Guadaloupe be a bit like Wales??? We allow the Welsh to Vote in our Parliamentary elections, but they still get their own footie team Wyn...


Wyn Grant said...

I always thought that the home international countries were in a special position because of the origins of football in this country. But there are all sorts of anomalies around the world like Hong Kong. France has a lot of overseas departments so they could have a cup of their own.

Bob Miller said...

Guadeloupe is indeed a department of France; is not a member of FIFA; cannot compete for the World Cup BUT is a full fledged member of CONCACAF, playing Cuba, Mexico, USA, Canada and others.

Chicago Addick said...

I thought it was a melon. No Guadaloupe not Parky ;-)