Monday 4 May 2009

Bent sell on pay off

Those who know me will know this is not a picture of me but of our president who is also called Olfaur and is a distant relative

Hello, it's your old pal Olafur who will be looking after the blog while Wyn Grant becomes a temporary civil servant and commutes to London. As you know, things here in Iceland are as bad as at my old club. However, people still like to eat our fish, so things are not so bad here in Grindavik.

Some of you will have heard that the promotion of Birmingham City to the Premiership will mean a bonus payment for the Addicks in respect of Mr Marcus Bent. Unfortunately, Mr Bent has recently lost his lady friend and here she explains how she compensates for the lack of exercise between the sheets (which might explain Mr Bent's occasional indolence on the pitch): Gemma

While I was waiting for the boat to come in, I also came across an article on Deptford and New Cross as a tourist attraction, but strangely there is no mention of the Millwall club which would certainly be an edgy urban experience. Read more here:

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