Sunday 31 May 2009

A blank big screen?

There are concerns that the 'big screen' at The Valley may have to go blank next season if a sponsor cannot be found. Here's a suggestion. After they lost their sponsor, the Northern League raffled sponsorship at £250 a ticket. The winning business has now become the permanent sponsor.

Such an idea might appeal to smaller businesses and even better off fans. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Best all go cap-in-hand to Jim Davidson then!

Anonymous said...


Great idea. I run a small business in Greenwich and I would be up for that.

Corner Counter

Anonymous said...

Thought that Murray was in the big sreen business with Avesco.Perhaps the rumour I heard that he was the one to hold up the takeover was correct.He wanted more money.As some of the worst business was down to him i.e.selling Luke Young for 2.5 to Boro who sold him on for double> should make him a little bit humble

Confidential Rick said...

Why full year sponsorship? Why not matchday sponsorship at £250 a pop.
Plenty would be up for that one.