Saturday 9 May 2009

There's only one Deano

Dean Kiely presented the awards at Leamington Football Club's presentation evening last night. His son Chris was the club's stand in goalkeeper in the latter part of the season, on loan from Gillingham. I understand that Chris has now been let go by the Gills and will be returning to the Midlands. However, Mozza, now back from injury, will be resuming his place in the Brakes goal.

As expected, the supporters' player of the year award went to super striker Mark Bellingham. he scored 46 goals this season which is a remarkable record at any level of football and they included some very good ones. Let's hope we can keep him next year. Bello won a number of other awards including two boxes of chocolates in the raffle.

Afterwards I was able to shake Deano by the hand and thank him once again for all his years of service to Charlton.


Hilltothevalley said...

Played for west brom today. Did he make any comment about our current plight

Wyn Grant said...

Yes I saw that he was playing. He didn't make any comment and I didn't press him.

Anonymous said...

He was nominated 'man of the match' by the BBC's 'pundits' too.