Sunday 24 May 2009

Dowie does it again

If you want to put your team in the frame for relegation, bring in Iain Dowie. Barcode fans thought that their messiah Alan Shearer would save them from relegation, but they had reckoned without the Geordie god's master stroke in bringing in Dowie as coach.

Charlton will be playing the Spanners next year after Millwall failed in their audacious bid to make the Toolbox a Championship venue. In fact there will be three other London area teams in League 1 apart from the South-East London rivals: the Gills, Orient and Brentford.


Anonymous said...

Gillingham are a local team maybe, but a London team?

Hilltothevalley said...

Wyn lives north of Watford, anything below Watford is London to "Northerners"

Suze said...

And they also count Watford as a London club...but, the Men of Kent won't mind where they're from, if they find that win.