Friday 15 May 2009

Interest in Lloyd Sam

Reading, Crystal Palace and Newcastle United are clubs said to have expressed an interest in Lloyd Sam. The latter seems unbelievable, given that at best he is a good Championship player, but then the Barcodes did bring in Dowie as coach so I suppose anything is possible.

For me, Sam is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. When he is good, he can be very good. But in the same match he can be shocking. On balance I would keep him. I wouldn't turn down a good offer, but I can't believe it would be all that good.


johnny73 said...

I think what you will find is the vultures are circling to pick the quality from our squad. We would obviously do the same if in the same position, the key difference, is we would get screwed on the transfer fee and wages. We are not looking at bringing in better players than we currently have so I'll be hoping all summer long that we can hold onto what we have.

Anonymous said...

I sort of view you as the quality end of the bloggers .
Shouldn't we ( the fans) have organised something , a gift, pitch presentation or whatever for Steve Sutherland's departure.
He has given so much for the club over the past 20 years

Wyn Grant said...

I agree, but how would we organise it at this late stage?

Anonymous said...

We MUST hold on to him. Yes he's inconsistent, needs to score goals, improve his final ball, but we won't be able to sign anyone better in the summer.

Parkinson has helped him improve his confidence and consistently recently, and unlike lazier players like Thomas, he will keep on developing.

Biggest problem for him is if he's marked out of the game by two players at once because he's seen as a threat.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

I had to check the date on the story - April 1st anyone?
The only faintly plausible source of "interest" for Lloyd must come from his deluded self, possibly egged on by whatever bottom feeder he has as agent.