Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Addicks lose 3-0

Colchester's kick off went straight out for a goal kick, but then Lisbie won an early corner, writes Erith's Paul May among a sell out Charlton crowd in a total of 7,098. The Addicks cleared eventually.

Colchester surged forward, but the ball was blocked and Charlton were able to scramble it clear. Colchester were playing a very direct and forceful game with their two burly strikers. Youga put in a good cross, but Charlton were unable to make use of it.

Llera blocked Platt after another Route 1 attack from Colchester at the expense of a second corner. The U's kept up the pressure, but Bailey eventually cleared. Burton got in behind the defence, but shot over the bar.

After Bailey ran in well, Colchester scraped the ball off the goalline. Charlton kept up the pressure well with Sam and Burton involved, but Bailey put the ball wide. Burton got in behind the somewhat lumbering U's defence but was hauled down.

Lisbie won another corner. It was well dealt with by Burton. Colchester kept up the pressure, but Racon brought the ball under control.

Wordsworth put the ball up in the air, Llera tried to head back to Elliot but there was no communication and the defender put the ball in the net to put the home side 1-0 ahead out of nothing to the fury of Phil Parkinson.

The U's kept up the pressure and a cross almost caught Elliot out. Then the misery was compounded when Llera was outpaced and the U's went 2-0 up from their loan striker Odejayi.

Sam turned provider for Shelvey but he scuffed his shot wide. As Lisbie turned provider for Platt, Richardson had to put it behind for a corner as the Charlton defence wobbled. Dailly was fouled as he cleared the ball from the corner.

Llera put in another dangerous backward header and Elliot berated him. Charlton won a corner and then a second, but U's were able to clear from Shelvey's effort.

Platt put in a shot, Llera smothered it and eventually there was an infringement. Sam won a free kick in a promising position as the game went into two minutes of time added on. The free kick from Shelvey was converted into a corner. The U's were able to clear.

Half time: U's 2, Addicks 0

Word came through that Chris Dickson had scored an equaliser for Bristol Rovers at Southampton.

Elliot saved from a free kick from Wordsworth after Bailey had been judged to foul Lisbie.

On 55 minutes Odejayi effectively put the match beyond reach by making it 3-0 for Colchester after a mistake by Elliot.

On 61 minutes McLeod replaced Spring. Colchester won a corner, but fortunately it was unproductive. The hapless Llera was replaced by Sodje.

Colchester took off Platt and Lisbie went up front. Sodje looked more effective against Odejayi. Shelvey turned provider for Burton and his header was not too far off target.

Sodje had hamstring trouble and Basey was lined up. The U's won a free kick in a promising position, but Charlton won an offside decision. A U's shot was deflected and ended up on the roof of the net. Sodje seemed to have overcome his hamstring problem.

Bailey won Charlton a corner. Shelvey put in a good ball but Williams in the U's goal saved well to the left tipping the ball over at the expense of a corner, but it led to a goal kick.

Shelvey got a yellow card after an incident with O'Toole. McLeod was caught offside. Lisbie had a chance from six yards out to make it 4-0, but fluffed it. Charlton kept up their record of never winning in the league at Colchester. The grumbling has been bubbling along under the surface and it will be gala night for moaners.

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Looks like Bambi will be buried in that Chapple of rest Wyn..

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