Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Takeover off

Kiel, Germany: The exciting stuff always happens when I am abroad with an up-and-down WiFi connection, but I gather that the takeover is off. The current board has been restructured, Richard Murray is back in charge and £7m has been put into the club.

It seems to that this is good news. It ends the period of uncertainty, gives the club some stability and allows us to focus on the pitch.

Three boards have been merged into one which makes a lot more sense and the sale of the training ground and other assets is off.

La Brady and co can pursue their interest in Wet Spam, the fish-and-chip shop proprietor can go back to his frying and Dennis Wise is welcome to attend the occasional game. In the longer run we will need more investment, but the immediate crisis and the threat of administration has been averted.


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts as to why Curbs was attending the last home match against Southampton?
Was he definitely part of the potential takeover?

Anonymous said...

now that murray is back , is parky staying? and will there be funds for minor tinkering of the team come january sales.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

No sooner have the club's greatest benefactors gone once again to the well and bailed out Charlton than the brainless clamour for signings starts up again! Take a look at the table and the results the team's fine, with depth available.
As for Curbs, he's allowed to go to football matches without ulterior motive isn't he? After the length of time he worked there it's just possible he has some friends there too and what better way to meet up?

Anonymous said...

Should we not now have a EGM after the appointments to the board without approval

Wyn Grant said...

Parky will stay and I think there would be some money for minor adjustments. Curbs was not definitely part of the two unsatisfactory bids.

Ian Shine said...

Dear Wyn

I'm a reporter for 90minutesonline.com and would like to interview you abtou Charlton for a new regular feature on our site called What the fans have to say’.

I can't find an email address for you, but if you're interested please contact me on ian.shine@talk21.com


Ian Shine