Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Interview with Sir Lennie

Sir Lennie (Robin Michael) Lawrence is interviewed in the latest edition of 4-4-2

Paul Williams from Bexleyheath asks: 'Promotion to the top flight in 1986 while playing at Selhurst Park - did you get the credit you deserved at Charlton?

Possibly not. Nobody has ever got to the top level sharing someone else's ground. We were successful because we had become a cause rather than just a club ... We went on to stay in the top flight for four years, taking on players who had been rejected from other clubs and who had that bit between their teeth. I'd also like to think we did well because of management. I didn't take in at the time but the fans had car stickers with 'Lennie is Our Leader'. That is the biggest compliment of all.

Gina Porter asks what is the highlight of your time at Charlton?

Winning the 1987 play off against Leeds to retain our top flight status.

Gina Porter asks a second question: Does it hurt to see Charlton in their current predicament?

I bet those fans who rang the phone-ins moaning at Alan Curbishley for playing one striker when they should be pushing for Europe are regretting those comments. But they are different fans to the ones when I was at the club. They were loyal, whereas the fans that I heard having a go at Alan have probably only been supporting the club since they got into the Premier League.

Alan Port from Deptford asks what was the best player you ever developed?

[Sir Lennie names Robert Lee, along with Matty Taylor from Luton]. We gave Rob his debut at Charlton as a kid and he was a strong lad, with good ball control and could run at defenders. He didn't score enough goals so we moved him to the wing and the rest is history.


lesberrysdbp said...

One of the best bits of the win over Leeds in that play-off final was hearing Sir Trevor Brooking say in the commentary as Leeds scored the first goal in extra time, words to the effect of 'thats it Charlton are down can't see them coming back from that.'
Happy days with Lennie.
Any news on takeover?

Wyn Grant said...

It may be just a restructuring of liabilities etc. within the current board.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or has Leon Mckenzie not appeared in the building ??
No website coment , no appearance in the reserves , no interview
where is he ??