Friday, 18 September 2009

'Scary' ref tomorrow

Tomorrow's referee Steve Tanner is from Somerset (long drive then) and is no soft hearted cider quaffer. He has refereed 11 Premiership matches and dished out three reds and 41 yellows.

Our 'Arry has described him as 'scary': 'To be honest, I walked into the referees' room and saw who was in charge and I knew what was coming. I expected that sort of performance. He's not good enough. He's poor. He's just a poor referee. I've seen him make a mess of so many games before, so what we saw today didn't surprise me.'

'When I was in the Championship, I saw him and I wondered then where he had come from. [Somerset] That's my honest opinion. I don't complain about referees. [So what are you doing now?] I never walk in after a game and complain about a referee. Never, never, ever. I haven't done for years. I don't do that. But this guy today was scary. What can I do?'

The Sub-Standard 'report' this week focuses on complaints about pigeon droppings at The Valley and forecasts that we will get 'plucked'. An alternative forecast could be 'BLAZE OF YELLOW TURNS CRIMSON'.

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