Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fording the Brent

When I went to the theatre in London (England, not Onatrio) last week a free copy of the Evening Standard was given to me as I entered Piccadilly Circus tube. Although the Standard has been boosted by the imminent demise of The London Paper its hold on the affections of Londoners is clearly far from secure.

Given that the paper's previews of Charlton games are so much appreciated, I am fortunate to have obtained an advance copy of this week's offering:

It's been a Happy Valley this week as Phil Parkinson's boys came through the transfer window without losing any of their few talents and managing to add on a crock, a non-league nonentity from North Wales and a player whose enthusiasm for the Charlton cause suggests a strange view of reality. Word is that the petty cash at The Valley is so low that they may have to borrow match balls from the club shop. The Addicks have fared well so far against basement clubs, but fording the Brent will be a tougher test.

The Sub-Standard says: PHIL'S BOYS GET CAMERA SHY


John said...

The wrong paper is closing in my opinion. The standard is, and has always been, the shambles of a paper that you'd expect from the Daily Mail stables. Worthless.

Good, I feel better for getting that out!

lesberrysdbp said...

Lets hope we can prove them wrong,but tomorrow will be a sterner test. I'm hoping that as they did as they did at Orient, no matter if things go against them, they remain calm and keep the crisp passing play that has done so well for them.
There were periods in games last season when we outplayed and out passed teams e.g. Notts Forest only to be undone by woeful finishing and defensive lapses.
Execellent pieces Wyn as always

Jonathan Cooper said...

Good on the sub-standard, the longer rags like that dis our players the more chance we have of holding onto them. Poor inept and lazy reporting will help our cause.
Lets hope Kate Middleton doesn't start supporting us, then we'll have them all over us like a cheap Burton suit.

Friendly Henry said...

The Evening Standard is a disgrace to London. It's nothing but a hate-filled Tory rag designed for commuters to read on the train home. I like the fact that they obviously dislike the Addicks. It gives me another reason for despising them.