Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kean gets vote of confidence

Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean has been given the vote of confidence by owners Venky's ahead of Saturday's clash with Charlton at The Valley, reports Radio 5. Kean will remain in charge for the 'forseeable future'.

So-called global adviser 'Chevvy' Singh said that the situation should not have been allowed to escalate as far as had happened. Everyone had their departments and they knew what to do.

Venky's are not perturbed by the thought of facing Charlton which they see as a gnat on the face of football to be easily brushed aside. 'Who in India has ever heard of Charlton? They are not needing global advisers there.'

Blackburn Rovers supporters are reported to be 'disgusted' by the decision to retain Kean. However, he is by no means secure as his position remains 'under review'.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will give them a severe thrashing, and then maybe they WILL have heard of little old Charlton!

There's a good comment on Dr Kish re: Evina, by the way. I absolutely agree....