Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rick Everitt to leave?

Rick Everitt

There is growing speculation that Rick Everitt may be asked to leave The Valley. This would not be a complete surprise as friends of his told me in August that he was in hot water for remarks he made on Charlton Life about fulfilling expectations. It would also be consistent with a general desire to clear out remnants of the ancien regime at The Valley.

Rick Everitt played a prominent role in the Back to the Valley campaign about which he wrote an invaluable book. He was also the editor of the much loved Voice of the Valley fanzine. He was the inspiration behind the Valley Express service, popularly known as the Rickshaw.

A Reading politics graduate, Everitt now lives in Ramsgate where he is a town councillor. However, he is believed to have a pied a terre in Welling, rumoured to be under the stand at Park View Road.

Everitt may not be able to make any comment himself for legal reasons and this would also apply to earlier departures.

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Anonymous said...

Add that to speculation that that the Chairman will exit the building soon following the 'cash' out of the club and we have on our hands the Full Monty crisis certain people have been predicting.
If Rick is banished to the back benches the club will lose a knowledgeable and committed servant.
Some of his ideas may not have met with universal approval but his role in rebuilding support has been excellent.
The concern now is how these matters will begin to sap morale both of SCP (clearly not funded sufficiently) and the players.