Sunday, 9 September 2012

The career of Matt Taylor

An article here reviewing the somewhat unorthodox career of Matt Taylor. Not sure what I think of the young journo's writing style: Taylor

Taylor is, of course, on the fringe of the team this year and had the misfortune to pick up an injury before the game at Hull.

Elsewhere, Leon Clarke scored Scunthorpe's only goal as they drew 1-1 with the smaller of the two Sheffield teams.

Crystal Palace appear to have given up on a move away from Selhurst Park, but are in discussions with Sainsbury's about how the ground might be developed. This would include moving the away fans: Palace


Anonymous said...

Not terribly well written.

Taylor is to be admired though his career path would not have been so unusual 50 or more years ago.

The key to his late development was obviously the freedom to do something he thought he might enjoy which being a student gave him.

I thought he was magnificent last season and a real man's man. I'm sure his background helped him in terms of both professionalism and maturity.

It's a shame that more footballers aren't educated and grown up when they begin their careers.

Marco. said...

I'm looking forward to the next time I have my 'ears pricked by curiosity'.

Bob Miller said...

The young man who wrote this article has expressed interest in being a professional writer!

I don't like his chances.