Monday, 24 September 2012

Steve Kean may escape curse of Charlton

It looks as if Steve Kean may evade the curse of Charlton by being sacked today: Kean . The Blackburn fans have, of course, been on his back for some considerable time, but it looks as if owners Venky's have decided he has had enough chicken and chips from them.

It may be that the owners know more about English football than we think and were aware of the possible humiliation of being beaten by a small club from South London.

It looks as if assistant Eric Black will be put in temporary charge. Quite how the players will react is difficult to say, although they may do more to impress a permanent manager than a temporary one.

I had thought that Paul Jewell might be put on a tractor on a town, but his tactic of not shaving, dressing down and looking miserable may have worked.

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