Saturday, 28 December 2013

Charlton to become Belgian owned club?

It is being reported that Charlton are to become (I think) the first Belgian owned club in the Football League. Belgian Television has announced that Standard Liege owner Roland Duchatelet has concluded the acquisition of the club: New owner . A Belgian source can be found here: Quel surprise

The possibility of a deal being done has been greeted with scepticism by most Charlton fans, but this is the first bid to be acknowledged on the club website The statement reads: 'The club are happy to confirm that negotiations are taking place for Roland Duch√Ętelet to take over Charlton Athletic Football Club. Chairman Michel Slater has confirmed that: "Very constructive discussions are ongoing which we hope to conclude soon.”A further announcement will be made in due course.' This will presumably be in English, French and Flemish.

Normally reliable sources are indicating that there is more than one deal on the table, but the fact that it is payday on Tuesday may help to focus minds.

The price is reported to be a bargain basement £14m, given that alleged ultimate owner Kevin Cash is no longer to prepared to fund the club. Duchatelet was estimated to be worth €500m in 2011.

How seriously can we take these reports given that there have been many disappointments before? I don't have any independent verification, but it probably has more substance to it than reports that Acworth was about to conclude a deal with a consortium of Albanian pyramid selling magnates.

Duchatelet has been a controversial figure at Standard Liege, which he acquired for £35m in 2011, provoking street demonstrations by fans after he sold the club's best players. However, they are now top of the Belgian Pro League.

Duchatelet made his money in microelectronics. A larger than life character, he founded his own political party, reflecting his progressive liberal views, although this subsequently merged with another party. He is a member of the Belgian Senate: Duchatelet

Charlton have had links with clubs in Belgium before, but generally in the more economically dynamic Flemish-speaking part of the divided country. Liege is in French-speaking Walloon Belgium and was once a centre of heavy industry.

Duchatelet has interests in quite a few clubs. An informative English language article from a Belgian source here: Ownerships


Anonymous said...

I think you will find Banks and and other creditors might have a say yet ,this deal is not done by any means.

Anonymous said...

Especially as they banned ex directors recently and they have mortgage after banks on stadium,believe it when it happens.
Hearing Murray is going to be Chairman,here we go again,slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

All rubbish This deal cannot be done quick as above suggests Banks and 4 out of 7 ex directors not agreed anything or seen deal. Anazed no one else commented or challenged above a comments they are so spot on.

Anonymous said...

Come on Wynn spokesman for CAFC what do you think. Too much apathy now Murray is viewed as hero amazing , wrote off everyone's shares jumped into bed with slater and now wants to be involved with whoever buys CAFC

Anonymous said...

I agree, Murray is like a fly round shit, hope he gets paid off what he is owed and told your era is over - 'tot ziens'

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