Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How 2013 was for us

Some interesting data here on the relative performance of clubs in 2013. We finished 40th out of 66 among Football League clubs: Performances

What has characterised 2013 has been rumours of takeovers which have come to nothing. The proposed takeover by Belgium's 18th richest man was the only one to be announced on the official site, but rumours are now circulating that the deal has collapsed. I have no reliable information one way or the other, but I would have thought that if a deal was not announced in the next 24 hours, the chances of it being completed are receding.

This would be serious news as we really need investment in the squad in the transfer window if we are to be sure of staying up. According to Richard Cawley, a number of signings are lined up to come in quickly if it happens.

At the moment, we are effectively top of the Relegation League. My hunch is that Barnsley and Yeovil will go down, but we don't want to be the third team.

According to Richard Cawley of the SLP, Palace were watching Dale Stephens on Sunday, so perhaps just as well that he was played out of position.

At least we have some good news today: congratulations to Jason Morgan for his well deserved MBE reflecting the work he had done in the community for the club.

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