Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'Unforseen circumstances'

It's a bit much the FA Youth Cup game at Nottingham Forest being postponed at a late stage for 'unforeseen circumstances', a phrase which leaves everything unexplained but often means 'we've screwed up and don't want to say why.' If there was a late outbreak of illness among the Forest squad, why not say so? As it was, not only had the squad prepared, but I understand that they had also travelled.


Rob Smith said...

One of the Youth Players Tweeted that it was because a floodlight had fallen on to the pitch!... Make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that it fell on Jim Price

Make of it what you will

Old Jom

Anonymous said...

Quit moaning, im sure it was postponed. for some reason
The game will be played eventually
Sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen
You just have to accept it

Anonymous said...

The pitch has had heat lamps on it to help it recover for weeks, there are loads of pictures on our OS. The supports collapsed for one and it couldn't be moved in time. It's unfortunate but hardly worth the conspiracy theory

james wagstaffe said...

I know fawaz mother in law passed away yesterday if thats anything to do with it