Monday, 28 September 2015

Chief scout to quit

Charlton chief scout Phil Chapple is to leave for the wealthier pastures of Fulham: Chapple

In my view that is quite a serious setback. Phil has been our chief scout since 2007. There have been criticisms of our recruitment policy, but I wouldn't put that down to Phil, but rather to moonbeams emanating from Planet Duchatelet.

He was a doughty player for Charlton, if much criticised at the time. I remember his part in our famous 5-1 victory at Ispwich when Leaburn scored his one and only hat trick. Chapple was injured, but came on with a large bandage round his head.

The tractor drivers were so upset that one of them tried to start something in the car park afterwards, saying 'you should be ashamed of that shirt.' For me, it was an occasion for real pride.

Chapple then went to Peterborough where he was known as 'Chapple of Rest', but only because he had a long-term injury.

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