Tuesday 22 September 2015

While I've been away ...

It was a really hot day in the Isles of Scilly on Saturday and with some reluctance I went back to my hotel room at around 4.30 to hear the well-known words 'Charlton nil'. At first it was 1-0 and then before long it was 3-0.

You don't get Sunday papers on the islands and I am only just back off the sleeper from Penzance, so I haven't looked at any detailed analyses about another woeful performance. It's looking like a repeat of last season: a good start and a slide into a relegation struggle. However, I hope we won't go for the easy option of sacking the manager. Our greatest successes as a club have always come when we have stuck with a manager.

In the seasons we have had at this level since 1997/8 this our second equal worst points performance after eight games.

Incidentally, the World's Smallest Football League is in some difficulty, although there was a stream of football traffic going the other way for the Sunday morning match. However, neither the Garrison Gunners nor the Woolpack Wanderers is able to raise a full team of eleven for their matches.

Last year one match was abandoned when it was reported that the cows of a farmer player were on the road, but when the players turned up to recover them, the cows belonged to someone else. Another match had to be abandoned when a player's dog who had been tied to a piece of apparatus on the adjacent playground broke free and dragged it on to the pitch. Problems we don't have at Charlton.

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