Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Rickster rap

As it is a bit of a slow news weekend, I asked our Ramsgate correspondent to go past the Voice of the Valley headquarters and see if there was any activity. However, the workshop was silent and all that could be seen was a surly goblin guarding the entrance. However, bored with his task, the goblin suddenly pushed a button and the following tune blasted out of the speakers:

I is da Ricksta.

You gotta hear what I say

I is from down Ramsgate way


The Belgians have gotta go away

They can’t make Charlton pay

I’d have P. Varney back any day


Powell is my hero

I call his name with brio

All the rest are zeroes


Curbs did it his way

For a time we made hay

Then he went away


In the Voice we give it large

It costs less than a pack of marge

And we hate Nigel Farrage


I ain’t taking no yap

If you say this rap is crap

I will give youse a slap


I is da Ricksta

This is the Ricksta rap

Putting Charlton on the map

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martin vallis said...

you must be bored, don't give up the day job%)>