Saturday, 26 September 2015

Croeso i Gaerdydd

All the focus in Wales today will be on the egg chasing at Twickenham rather than the big match between Cardiff City and Charlton, but for the Addickted it is important. Spirits have plummeted after the two poor home performances, when we should taken at least four points and really six, the defeat at Blackburn and the battering at Crystal Palace.

Criticism of Guy Luzon is intensifying. On Palace in particular, I would say that this was a match we were never going to win. Like it or not (and I certainly don't) Palace are a successful Premiership side.

I have my own personal issue with Palace. My father-in-law, a resident of Thornton Heath, was a Palace supporter and when my late wife asked if she could go to a match with him, he told her that girls don't go to football. Fortunately, she started work in Woolwich and became even more Addickted than me, once going to away matches I couldn't attend when her foot was broken.

If we had put out a stronger side at Selhurst, the margin of defeat could have been lower but we would have risked even more injuries and suspensions. The list the Sparrows Lane tea lady gave me the other day includes those carrying an injury, but it is still worryingly long. It reflects the fact that the squad isn't big enough.

I find Welsh a very difficult language and I am full of admiration for a friend who has learnt it well enough to lecture in it. My two nephews are fluent speakers and for the one who has stayed on the farm it is the language of everyday life. In places like Gaerdydd and Abertawe (Swansea), teenagers who have learnt it at school speak it in front of their parents who don't understand it.

Our record against the Bluebirds is not bad as we have lost one of eight games since 2007 (and we all remember the 5-4 victory and, yes, I was there). Last year we won 2-1. However Cardiff have lost only one of their last six home games (to high flying Hull). All of our goals against Cardiff last season were scored after the 74th minute.

Cardiff are currently 8th in the table, while Charlton have slumped to 16th. Both clubs have somewhat weird owners (see the interview with Roland in the CAS Trust magazine).

If Tony Watt plays, he may extend his record as the players who has attempted most dribbles in the Championship (33). He should try passing to another Charlton player.

Odds: Cardiff 19/20, Draw 12/5, Charlton 10/3. Forecast 3-1 to Cardiff, Charlton score in the 84th minute.

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Chris Parker said...

A sensible view on the Palace selection. Right call by Luzon IMO.