Monday 2 November 2015

Carneiro story surfaces again

This has been going the rounds for a while, but the Sub-Standard is carrying a story that Charlton will offer Eva Carneiro a role on the medical team at Charlton once her dispute with Chelsea is settled: Eva Carneiro

It could take a while to settle her constructive dismissal case against Chelsea. It would not be in the interests of Chelsea to have the whole matter aired in court, but she has rejected the offers made so far. An acceptable offer might not be made until the hearing is about to take place and getting these matters before a tribunal takes months.

While she might find Charlton a more congenial environment in the sense that she would be treated with respect, I would have thought that she would be made better offers, particularly outside the UK.

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Unknown said...

Hello,random question, what players do you think have the potential to play for 1st team from the u21s (Charlton) ?