Friday, 6 November 2015

Coonor McAleny returns

Conor McAleny has had his loan cut short and he has returned to Everton: McAleny

This does make the squad even thinner, but I never thought that he was a game changer.



absolute madness.harriyot ,bikey, morreson,wilson,fuck sake who is making these decisions.johnson,eagles.saturday no igor again no jordon no johan who is going to play . very bad management we are in serious shit .and the club is wondering why fans are going to protest.need British manager and British players not cast offs .i will be there tomorrow but fear the worst.roland and his puppets are talking us for mugs .protest hard support the team harder

Jonathan Acworth said...

was useless and wont make the grade at everton could be freed i reckon next 2 years heat wasnt in it who signed this cretin?