Saturday 7 November 2015

Where do we go from here?

A thoughtful and in depth analysis of the state of the club from Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt: The mess we are in

A central suggestion that Rick makes is that Katrien Meire should be replaced as chief executive. He argues that she is out of her depth in the job and has resorted to gimmicks while failing to communicate with supporters. Her replacement would be a step towards rebuilding trust with supporters.

I don't see Roland replacing her as his representative on Earth as that would be an admission of failure and I don't think that Roland does failure. In an ideal world, Peter Varney would be lured back from Gravesend to resume his old role. Rick could be his No.2: 'Reg' driving the bus and Rick as conductor.

'Roland Out' is an attractive slogan but it is never made clear who is going to come in. There are plenty of clubs on the market at the moment who have not found buyers, including Wolves who in many ways are a more attractive proposition.

In an ideal world Roland would undergo a Ryanair type conversion and realise that it is not a sensible strategy to hold your customers in contempt. But I don't hold out much hope.

Meanwhile I hope that today's demonstration will be kept safe and peaceful.

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Unknown said...

Got to the ground today wearing my black and white scarf with pride and security said sorry you cant come in wearing that so fuck it stayed for twenty mins see the protest when I saw meir taking photo of the protest below and laughing and joking her job surely has become a laughing stock she has to go mr murray for her actions today insulting us loyal fans when she did that I said to my son sod it lets go home didn't even go in