Monday, 2 November 2015

VOTV editor flees to States

Addicks have been shocked to learn from social media that Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt has fled to the United States in the face of Charlton's collapse - and become an ice hockey fan!

The first indication of his disappearance came when a picture was posted on Twitter of him in front of the White House, accompanied by the suggestion that he had more influential friends than top Charlton fan Jonathan Acworth.

Then at the weekend it was revealed that he was going to a college ice hockey game and found this more appealing than going away with Charlton. It is not known whether they lost 3-0.

Callers at the VOTV workshop in Valley Road, Ramsgate found it shuttered. A surly goblin guarding the premises replied to all enquiries with a phrase of four letters and three letters.

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