Thursday, 26 November 2015

Who let the dogs out?

Photo from Four Four Two

As the club is always looking for ways to enhance the 'matchday experience' (other than on the pitch), they might wish to emulate a Brazilian club that got its players to bring out dogs lacking a home in the hope of finding one. At least it gives a new meaning to crap on the pitch, although apparently this was an accident free event. The stadium appears about as full as Charlton these days.

Continuing on the canine theme, my non-league club has a collie called Jack who turns up to every match wearing his scarf and follows the game intently. Indeed, so keen is he on football, that he comes to youth games to get his fix.

Jack recently did a programme interview and here are a few of his insights:

Do you know that I cannot understand that man running up and down, blowing a whistle, waving his arms about, and arguing with the players? Plus his two sidekicks who don't go on the pitch and wave a flag a lot.

If I could create any law, I would ban half time. It makes me barking mad.

My favourite biscuit is ANY! If I could be someone for a day, it would be Lassie. If I'm feeling down, I chew a bone.

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